Why Something rather than Nothing?

The Stories of Jesus

Rediscovering Death

Rediscovering “God”

It’s Nothing but a Witch Hunt !

Which Three Wise Men?

Assisted Dying in Scotland

Juxtaposition – Heaven and Hell

Intelligent Design?

Open Mind, Free Speech, Science, Religion

“In the Beginning was the Word”

Coronations, Vulgar Vandals, and National Heroes

The Pontius Pilate stone – a warning from history

Freedom of Speech

Will Jesus Return?

My Religion

Partners in Crime!

A Fresh Look at Gensis One (ii)



A Fresh Look at Gensis One

Michelangelo, the Pornographer !

The Populist Plague

Push Button ‘A’ or ‘B’

The Gladness and Sadness of Spring

God’s Life Story (ii)

Here we go again!

Irony of Ironies

Lineker, Language and Debate

Weaponising “Offence”

“For All Being”

Juxtaposition – Two Scottish Poets

Mirror Images

God’s Life Story

Panacea for Po-Faced Politics

Offensive Realism?

God Problem

“The Wealthy, the Corrupt, the Brutal and the Brazen”

The things that you’re liable to read in the Bible …

Jesus on the Sea of Galilee

Food for Thought (ii)

Food for Thought

A Juxtaposition

Voices in the Wilderness of Time and Space?

The Exodus times Three

A ‘Renegade’ Bishop and God

The Enigmatic Moses

Exodus – the Burning Bush

“The Great Mystery”

Was Moses an Egyptian?

Moses and the Exodus

Elgar the Enigma

A Still Not Answered Question

The Frustrations of Travelling – What’s New?

The ‘Meaning’ of Christmas?

The ‘Sober’ Truth about the Solstice

Luke’s Nativity ‘Extras’

That Christmas ‘Star’

‘O little town of Bethlehem’

A Boring Christmas Genealogy?

Matthew’s Debatable Verse

The Three Nativity Stories

Remember, Remember, the 25th of December

“The Combat” – a ‘Sacred’ Poem by Edwin Muir

The Banality of Evil

Love – Open, Honest and Unconditional

A Hand Shake across Thousands of Years

Samson, a Hero and a Half (v)

Samson, a Hero and a Half (iv)

Borodin – Amazing Man and Music

Samson, a Hero and a Half ! (iii)

Samson, a Hero and a Half ! (ii)

Samson, a Hero and a Half ! (i)

The Non-Tribal Religion of the Future

Baba Yaga – The Fascination of Folklore

Genesis One as a Work of Literature

The Gospels as Literature

Jesus, Moses, Matthew and Literature

Birth of Moses (ii)

The Birth of Moses (i)

The Bible and Canaanite Myth

The Bible and Babylonian Myth (ii)

The Bible and Babylonian Myth

Let There Be Light !

Heart on (heretical) Sleeve

“Here comes the Sun”

Me and the Hebrew Bible

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (v)

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (iv)

Riches and “the Gospel”

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (iii)

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (ii)

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (i)

Awareness, Consciousness, Experience, Mind

Openness and Inclusiveness

Unconditional Love (ii)

My Littlr Wise Guy

Unconditional Love (i)

The Withered Fig Tree

Myth, Religion and Kaleidoscopes

Questions about Jesus (iii)

Questions about Jesus (ii)

Questions about Jesus (i)

A Down-to-Earth look at the Bible

The ‘Final’ Reality

“God the Father Almighty, creator of heaven and earth” …

What is (or are) Real?

What is Christianity?

NOW you see it ! NO you don’t ! (ii)

Let me tell you where I am (ii)

Let me tell you where I am

NOW you see it ! NO you don’t !

Was the Bishop a Complete Idiot? (ii)

Was the Bishop a Complete Idiot?

Let’s get ‘Real’ (ii) ‘The Lord of the Dance’

Let’s get ‘Real’ (i)

What a Tangled Web …

Don’t Take Offence

Seven Deadly Sins

The Search for Meaning (ii)

The Search for Meaning (i)

The Stories of Jesus

The Bible – Window or Mirror?

Mahler and Life and Death

Somewhere over the Rainbow …

Honest to God?

A Down-to-Earth look at God (ii)

A Down-to-Earth look at God (i)

A Picture or 1000 Words

Myth and the Gospels

Genesis and Zeus

Who Wrote the Bible’s first 5 Books? (ii)

Who Wrote the Bible’s first 5 Books? (i)

The POE-t who beat the Astronomers to it !

The Tower of Babel, or Babble?

Noah and Biblical Abuse – Slavery

Noah’s Flood

Genesis 6 – Who were the Nephilim?

Myth – A Personal View

Myth, Bible, Religion (ii)

Myth, Bible, Religion (i)

Cain and Abel – A Different Slant

Original Sin goes into the Bin (ii)

Original Sin goes into the Bin (i)

That Damned Snake

Garden, Snake and Tree

Different Stories, Different Gods

A Contraversial Verse – Genesis 2:7

The Language of Religion

Genesis One – Us, Images, and Subduing

A Credo and a Plea

Genesis One – Over over Chaos

Genesis One – Its ‘Beginnings’

Genesis and Ugarit

Rethinking Jesus (15) My (current) Conclusions

Rethinking Jesus (14) Radical Teachings

Rethinking Jesus (13) A Saviour from Sin?

Rethinking Jesus (12) God in the flesh?

Jordan Peterson hits the Target

Rethinking Jesus (11) Raised from the dead?

Rethinking Jesus (10) Oral Transmission and the Gospels

So what do I now believe in?

Rethinking Jesus (09) The Pharisees (ii)

Rethinking Jesus (08) The Pharisees (i)

Rethinking Jesus (07) Healer and Exorciser

Rethinking Jesus (06) His Core Message

Rethinking Jesus (05) Apocalypse Now

I’m 200 today!

Rethinking Jesus (04) The Hero’s Journey

Rethinking Jesus (03) John the Baptist

Rethinking Jesus (02) The Sources

Jung, Archetypes, Arts, Religion

Rethinking Jesus (01) In the Beginning

My Religious Paradigm (6) Summing Up

A Late Lark Singing …..

One of the Truly Great Stories of Musical History

My Religious Paradigm (5) The Problem of Suffering

My Religious Paradigm (4) Two key questions

Life after Death?

My Religious Paradigm (3) The final truth?

My Religious Paradigm (2) The sacred books

My Religious Paradigm (1) Is there a God?


Science and Religion (iii) A “Selfie” from a Past Life

Science and Religion (ii)

Science and Religion (i)

The Nativity Stories (v) Unconditional Love

The Nativity Stories (iv) More Thoughts

The Nativity Stories (iii) Some Thoughts

The Nativity Stories (ii) More Questions

The Nativity Stories (i) Asking Questions

Common Sense? V

Common Sense IV

Common Sense? III

Common Sense? II

Common Sense? I

Jesus the Messiah?

Jesus and the Church

Rethinking ‘God’ (5) ‘Conclusion for Now’

Rethinking ‘God’ (4) ‘A Broader Picture’

Rethinking ‘God’ (3) ‘Body or Spirit’

Rethinking ‘God’ (2) ‘The Dark Side of the Force’

Rethinking ‘God’ (1) ‘Two Different Universes

The Gospels (13) ‘Raising the Dead’

The Gospels (12) ‘Born Blind’

The Gospels (11) ‘Walking on Water’

The Gospels (10) ‘ Loaves and Fish, and Love’

The Gospels (9) ‘Causing a Stir’

The Gospels (8) ‘Jesus the man’

The Gospels (7) ‘A Party to end all Parties’

The Gospels (6) Sermon on the Mount – Antitheses

The Gospels (5) Sermon on the Mount – Beatitudes

The Gospels (4) Religious Tracts

The Gospels (3) Jesus as Apocalyptic Prophet

The Gospels (2) Works of Literature

The Gospels (1) Jesus as Archetypal Hero

150 Today …

The Four Gospels

Difficulty and ‘Religion’ and ‘God’

A Lesson from a Flower

What Kind of Books are the Bible?

A little Poem that says a Lot … (Robert Frost)

There Are No Religions Of Peace

From “Pensées by Bryan Magee”

Matthew writes, not history, but his story …

“There isn’t any there there” …

Unexpected Interest in a Boring Genealogy

Exodus – A God who Mugs and Kills People

The Obvious, the Enemy, and the True

Exodus – God reveals his Name

Exodus – the Birth of Moses

Because Jesus was a Jew …

Biblical Abuse and Black Slavery

Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours

Jacob and Rebecca – Tricksters!

Sin, Sodom and Gomorrah

Abraham and Child Sacrifice

Good Old Abraham

The Tower of Babel – We’ve been Warned

Noah’s Flood (ii) with Fresh Eyes

Noah’s Flood (i) Two in One

Genesis 6 – Disreputable Goings-On!

Cain and Abel (ii) My Brother’s Keeper

Cain and Abel (i) The Crouching Beast

Two more things Genesis 2/3 doesn’t say …

Two things Genesis 2/3 doesn’t say …

Genesis 1 – from a Different Angle

Who Wrote the 1st 5 Books of the Bible? (ii)

Who Wrote the 1st 5 Books of the Bible? (i)

‘Once Upon a Time’ (v) Egypt and the Sun

‘Once Upon a Time’ (iv) El and Baal

‘Once Upon a Time’ (iii) Gilgamesh

‘Once Upon a Time’ (ii) Enuma Elish

‘Once Upon a Time’ (i) Atrahasis

Warmongers (Dylan Thomas)

Holy Spring (Dylan Thomas)

Words, Wittgenstein, and the Language of Religion (ii)

Words, Wittgenstein, and the Language of Religion (i)

Over Sir John’s Hill (part ii) (Dylan Thomas)

Over Sir John’s Hill (part i) (Dylan Thomas)

And Death shall have No Dominion  (Dylan Thomas)

Poem on his Birthday (part iii) (Dylan Thomas)

Poem on his Birthday (part ii) (Dylan Thomas)

Not so good ‘Good Friday’

Poem on his Birthday (part i) (Dylan Thomas)

In Country Heaven (Dylan Thomas)

Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night (Dylan Thomas)

Poem in October (Dylan Thomas)

Elegy (Dylan Thomas)

Fern Hill (Dylan Thomas)

Ton-Up !

The Sea of Faith (Matthew Arnold)

Do We Possess a Soul?

Consciousness, Mind and Whirlpools

Where does Consciousness come from?

Up like a Rocket – Down with a Stick (Jean-Baptiste Lully)

Appearance, Reality, and William Blake (pt.2)

Appearance, Reality, and William Blake (pt.1)

William Wordsworth’s God

A Unique Love Story (Brahms and Clara Schumann)

What do we owe the first philosophers?

The Wonder of Water, a Greek Philosopher, a Scottish Writer (Nan Shepherd)

They tried to hide the real Pontius Pilate!

Trees and Us (William Blake and Martin Buber)

Choices, and Roads Not Taken (Robert Frost)

The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost)

The Venerable Bede has much to answer for …

WHY is there a Bible Story about Abraham?

Edvard Grieg and Scotland

Robert Louis Stevenson – Requiem – Philip Larkin – This be the Verse

Anthem for Doomed Youth (Wilfred Owen)

Voices in the Wilderness?

The Eagle (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Death needn’t be a Sidestepped Word! (Christina Rossetti)

Song (Christina Rossetti)

Everyone Sang (Siegfried Sassoon)

In a Bath Teashop (John Betjeman)

The Cloths of Heaven (WB Yeats)

The Mower (Philip Larkin)

Remember (Christina Rossetti)

The Best of Science and Religion

An Unexpected Reversal

A Very Colourful Musical Character (Isaac Albeniz)

What is Christianity?

Easter Day (Oscar Wilde)

Monstrous and Magnificent (Richard Wagner)

To a Mouse (Robert Burns)

Adam’s ‘Other Half’

Jesus – His Developing Resurrection

The Tragedy of Trump – Losing and Lying

Musician, Doctor, Scientist, Women’s Champion (Alexander Borodin)

Jesus and Women

Timelessness (Gustav Mahler)

Two Curious Mysteries

Friendship and Love (Edward Elgar)

Adlestrop (Edward Thomas)

Ozymandias (Percy Shelley)

The Logos (Heraclitus)

Genesis 2 & 3 – On Second Thoughts

Genesis 1 : A Critique (iii)

Genesis 1 : A Critique (ii)

Genesis 1: A Critique (i)

What’s in a Name?

Loaves and Fish

Something that Scunnered me …

Romance, Beauty and Emotion in Music (Frederick Delius)

“Follow your Bliss”

Religion and Science

Water (Thales)

A Confessional

David and Goliath

Believing in God

Paul and the Bath Water

Consciousness, Mind and God

Jesus and his Resurrection

Jesus and his Virgin Birth

“Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all People”

Samson – Biblical Fun and Games

Ground of all Being

A Hit or a Myth?

Sexism in the Bible – surely not!

A Jewish Jesus and his God

A ‘Picture’ of ‘Ultimate Reality’

Why read the ‘Old Testament’?

For and Against a God

Noah’s Flood

“Oh Jonah, he lived in a whale”

“The Old God is dead” (Nietzsche)

I was at one time …

We three Kings of Orient are …

What can we say about God?

The Tower of Babel

Jesus and John the Baptist

The Two Deepest Mysteries

Where and when was Jesus born?

What can we know about Jesus of Nazareth?

The Second Coming (W.B.Yeats)

Where am I?

Evening Star (William Soutar)

Dylan Thomas and God

The 10th Commandment

The 9th Commandment

The 8th Commandment

The 7th Commandment

The 6th Commandment

The 5th Commandment

The 4th Commandment

The 3rd Commandment

The 2nd Commandment

The 1st Commandment

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