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Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (iv)

We left Jonah swimming in a pool of fish vomit on a beach. Once again he was told to go to the Assyrian capital city, Nineveh, “and preach his message of doom”. This time he went ! The comedy continues when the size of the city is greatly exaggerated. Archeologists tell us it was just […]

Riches and “the Gospel”

I think about what’s currently happening in my country … here’s my ‘starter for ten’ … I reflect on the fact that mine is still, by some, said to be a “Christian” country. If, so, it seems that something’s gone badly wrong. Perhaps for too long, we’ve had a wrong idea of what “the gospel” […]

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (iii)

We lost sight of Jonah when, on our hero’s uncompromising insistence, the good-hearted sailors very reluctantly tossed him into the sea. At once the inestimable power of Jonah’s God was demonstrated, in the immediate and complete calming of what had been an overwhelmingly tempestuous sea. No great surprise then, that in the New Testament, Jesus […]

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read (ii)

We left Jonah on the boat to Tarshish, sleeping peacefully in his below-decks’ hammock, but that peace is about to be rudely disturbed. God has Jonah firmly fixed in his sights, and not only outdoes his Greek rival Poseidon, but even transcends the thunderbolts of Zeus, when he hurls such a horrendous gale onto the […]

Jonah – A Good-Fun Read

The little book called “Jonah” shows us that the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, really can be a ‘good read’, especially if understood in a common sense, down-to-earth way. It wasn’t written by God, and shouldn’t be approached with literal woodenness, and kill-joy solemnity. But even it were, Psalm 2:4 tells us that, “In heaven […]

Awareness, Consciousness, Experience, Mind

Is there anything we can be absolutely certain is ‘real’? The answer to that question is, yes! There is one thing, and it is consciousness. Always however, and especially here, we need to define our terms, lest there be any misunderstandings. By ‘consciousness’ I mean subjective experience, whether of thoughts, of feelings, or of sights, […]

Openness and Inclusiveness

The man in the photograph is, of course, the world-renowned pianist, Evgeny Kissin. Born of Jewish parents in Russia, while still a young boy he wrote, “When I die, bury me in the region around Moscow, in the forest, and let the stone read, ‘Here lies Evgeny Kissin, son of the Jewish people, a servant […]

Unconditional Love (ii)

I wrote in a previous post that, for me, the symbolic image of Jesus with his arms outstretched on the cross, is a movingly powerful symbol of ‘unconditional love’, which I see as the ‘beating heart’ of Christianity, and its greatest gift to the world. I also noted that my own journey towards this persuasion […]

My Little Wise Guy

I keep my little wise guy on my desk – to remind me never to take myself (or anyone else) too seriously ….. you could say that he’s the Apple of my eye ! “Too bad all your blogs aren’t as short as this one”, he’s telling me. You’re probably right, little fella …..

Unconditional Love (i)

There was a time when I was a conservative evangelical minister, fervently believing in the complete historicity and literal factuality of the Gospels, and accepting therefore the historical, traditional, orthodox, Christian interpretation of them. I don’t regret that, because it means that I know about this way of seeing things – I’ve been there – […]


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