Me …..

My ‘shed’ is inside the house – which saves me having to put wellies on in the wintertime.

I was born in Scotland, in the city of Perth, which I explored on my bike, in the days when cars were few and far between. In due course, I arrived at the university in Old Aberdeen, which was then like a small village, with a single hall of residence.

I studied English Language and Literature, and then Divinity, specialising in Hebrew and Old Testament. I was a minister of religion for a dozen years, until my ideas changed, whereupon it was back to the University for qualifications in Applied Social Studies and, later on, Philosophy and Ethics. Finally I was a social care manager, before becoming a principal planning officer for community care service provision. 

I’m now delightfully retired, and have enjoyed getting up to date with the latest literary and historical-critical approaches to the Hebrew Bible and New Testament. I’m now a kind of secular christian-buddhist-humanist (all with small letters). As well as up-to-date biblical studies, my other interests include literature, philosophy, science, music and Scottish country dancing.

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