Will Jesus Return?

I’m content for you to think so – and for me to think not

To me, Jesus lived and died over 2,000 years ago, a charismatic, compassionate, deeply insightful Palestinian Jew, crucified as a potential disturber of the ‘Pax Romana’.

Pursuing disagreement between us about a literal ‘second coming’, I’d regard as being ‘beside the point’ – a point which is surely the most practically important one of all.

It’s a point which is timeless, and universal, in its relevance for trying to make the best of our flawed human nature, and for trying to make the most of our troubled world. 

Here is this very simple, but very searching, point about the ‘return’ of Jesus …..

One response to “Will Jesus Return?”

  1. Lord jesus is always with us in spiritual way sometimes its good to feel the divine power ,because it is responsible for evryones existence.🙏💫

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