Partners in Crime!

‘From a devil to a devil, who the devil sent them?’

Well who cares, and what does it matter? It should matter to everyone who, between their ears, has a brain that grasps the indispensable value and supreme importance, for the continuing wellbeing of democracy, of trustworthy authenticity and moral integrity.

These, of course, can become at least a nuisance, and at most a threat, to those whom power corrupts. They’re tempted to see it as being in their own ‘best’ interests (but to claim it as being in the ‘best’ interests’ of ‘the people’) to undermine, or even overturn, them.

Democracy is vulnerable, and utterly dependant on transparency, veracity and accountability. These are under ongoing threat and have to be fought for, and their detractors and underminers fought against and brought to book. Was it Thomas Jefferson who said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance”?

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