Michelangelo, the Pornographer !

Is there no end to this increasingly ludicrous and perverse, if not actually perverted, lunacy? If Michelangelo is a pornographer, who’s next, and who’s safe? If Beatrix Potter were still alive, she’d be checking through all these books about “Peter Rabbit”, just in case ! After all, rabbits are reputed to be a reproductively randy lot, are they not? 

And as for some stories, and even books, in the Bible (think ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’, and ‘Song of Songs’), well they’re scandalously outrageous, and the book ought to be banned, if not all copies rounded up and burned. We can’t have our delicate and impressionable children being exposed to that sort of thing! 

The intellectually, artistically, and spiritually endlessly energising variety and nourishing richness of our wonderfully colourful world is increasingly in danger of becoming impoverished, barren and monotonously grey, as it’s laid waste by these growingly militant legions of ‘the offended’.

Well they ‘offend’ me !! So they ought to have their mouths sewn up, their writing fingers hacked off, be sacked from their jobs, evicted from their homes and turned out property-less and penniless onto the streets, and that’s just for starters. To recast the ‘golden rule’, what you do unto others should be done unto yourselves, and see how you like it!

But no, let’s learn to just live and let live. The universe will go on unfolding itself, and the world will continue to flourish until the lights, at last, go out.

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