Love – Open, Honest and Unconditional

These words, moving and heartening, are from the blog of Bart Ehrman, the perhaps uniquely agnostic/atheistic Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina.

He tells how his mother found it very hard to understand and accept his eventual departure from his early evangelical Christian faith. Their relationship, however, managed to work through that, and rise above it, without losing any openness and honesty. 

His thoughts about this are well worth reading, thinking about, taking to heart, and sharing with other. This is love – open, honest and unconditional.

Bart’s Blog can be found at Subscriptions start at $2.99 monthly, and every single ‘penny’ goes to charities focusing on hunger and homelessness.

One response to “Love – Open, Honest and Unconditional”

  1. Obviously this, while clearly American, points to a British problem and one created in a world where social media is allowed- providing a voice for the stupid and extreme- to make its impact. Actually people are simply set on the narrative road that has conditioned who they are and within whose logic they have developed. They need to know and understand that others are on different narrative roads which do not share the same features. Critical understanding and self-critical understanding is what is needed. Such critical understanding is a necessary part of love so Erhman’s conclusion is commendable.


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